Transformation towards Sustainable & Resilient Societies

Hosted by UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Room: Festsaal

In leading the transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies, the UN recognizes the importance of energy as a catalyst for economic competitiveness, as well as its inextricable interlinkages to other developmental issues including poverty eradication, food security, clean water and sanitation, health, education, prosperity, jobs creation, and the empowerment of youth and women. Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all is fundamental to human development. A shift toward sustainable energy solutions is also essential to the achievement of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Master of Ceremony: Karina Larsen, Knowledge and Communications Manager, CTCN, UNIDO

Panel 1: Key Messages from “Vienna Energy Forum 2018 – Special Session
This panel will present results and insights of the Vienna Energy Forum 2018 – Special Session* (VEF 2018), taking place a day before the Austrian World Summit. The VEF 2018 – Special Session aims to build partnerships and reach concrete strategies among a wide range of stakeholders towards successful implementation of energy-efficient production processes and technologies, along with the enhanced utilization of renewable energy sources with the focus of three pillars: Energy System Transformation, Climate Technology and Innovation, and Partnerships.


Panel 2: Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Development: Women and Youth Empowerment
A truly sustainable development encompasses all dimensions of society, and the developmental challenges are synergistic opportunities for empowerment of previously marginalized societies and demographics, especially women and youth. Today it gains wide recognition that the empowerment and engagement of women and youth is vital to the achievement of inclusive and sustainable development. In particular, this panel will bring together the approach and experience of the UN and partners in leveraging the power of entrepreneurship and technology innovation for the energy and climate sector, and will feature successful case studies of women and youth entrepreneurs in the energy and climate technology space leading the energy transition.

Moderator: Christine Lins, Co-Founder, GWNET