Magnus Berntsson
Président of the Assembly of European Regions

Magnus grew up on the island of Fotö in the northern archipelago of Gothenbug in Sweden.
Thanks to his mother who worked in the private sector and his father, a fisherman and trawl maker, who later became a Psychiatric Nurse, M. Berntsson developed his caring values. In addition to a Masters’ degree in engineering, Magnus engaged early in regional politics.

The new AER President has always been highly committed to the local level, at the municipality of Öckerö, the Region of Västra Götaland or the AER: working primarily in the field of culture, education and youth. Besides, he has been the President of both the Christian Democrats of Sweden and the Christian Democratic Youth Organisation.

Magnus first joined the Assembly of European Regions in 2007, as representative of the Region of Västra Götaland in Committee 3 for Culture, Education and Youth; a region he has devoted himself to since 1998 and for which he is now the Regional Council’s President. Before becoming President of the AER, M. Berntsson was Vice President for the Standing Committee of Institutional Affairs and Vice President Treasurer AER.

Magnus is a very enthusiastic and dedicated President, who strongly believes in the principle of inclusion and mutual assistance at all level of regional and European development.