Ingmar Höbarth
CEO, Austrian Climate and Energy Fund

Ingmar Höbarth(49) has been the managing director of the Climate and Energy Fund since its establishment in 2007. The graduate of the University of Natural Resources in Vienna began his environmentally political engagement in 1982 as one of the founder members of the environmental organisations GLOBAL 2000 and Greenpeace. As the campaign manager, within the realms of his twentyfive year service at GLOBAL 2000, Ingmar Höbarth coordinated campaigns on the themes of the Hainburg power station, the rain forest, atomic plants close to the borders, genetic engineering, the climate and pesticides among others, and he led the pesticide reduction programme with REWE until its conclusion. Ingmar Höbarth was on the board of directors and the managing director of GLOBAL 2000 until 2006.

On an international level Ingmar Höbarth was the representative of GLOBAL 2000 for 8 years at Friends of the Earth International and on the board of directors in the Ökobüro (Eco-office)- the coordination office of the Austrian environ-mental protection organisation.