Markus Kreisel
CEO, Kreisel Electric

Markus Kreisel became CEO of Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG in 2014. In the company he is responsible for Sales, Financials, Marketing and Corporate Communications. Raised in the family company Red Zac, the three Kreisel brothers developed a passion for electrical engineering and electrification. As a hobby, Markus Kreisel and his two brothers began to convert an Audi A2, to develop an efficient battery with high performance for it, in 2012.

Creating regional value and reducing the carbon footprint is a major concern for him. By developing high-efficiency battery packs, on the one hand, Markus Kreisel wants to reduce emissions with complete solutions for electrical storage and, on the other hand, he wants to guarantee maximum usability and maximum driving pleasure in e-mobility.

As a solution provider Kreisel offers comprehensive solutions for the energy transition 2.0. Highly efficient battery storage packs are used for e-mobility, as well as stationary storage systems. Frost & Sullivan awarded the company with the world’s best battery technology in July 2017. Among others, Kreisel Electric has also been awarded with the first Austrian World Summit Innovation Award and the Austrian Climate Protection Award (Österreichischer Klimaschutzpreis).