Jörg Leichtfried
Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Jörg Leichtfried is Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology of the Federal Republic of Austria. He was appointed in May 2016. Previously, he served as Regional Minister for Transport, Environment and Renewable Energies (2015–2016) and as Member of the European Parliament (2004–2015). Previous to his election to the European Parliament, Leichtfried was President of the Young Generation within Austria’s Social Democratic Party (2000–2002). Leichtfried was born on June 18, 1967 in Bruck an der Mur. He studied law at the University of Graz. Beginning his professional career as legal affairs officer at the Styrian Chamber of Labour, he later worked as head of the citizen services department at the municipal office of Bruck an der Mur. Leichtfried has a long standing reputation as a transport policy expert. Making public transport more efficient and more attractive – especially through the use of innovative technology – is a key political priority for him. He has put special focus on road safety, e-mobility, automated driving, and the development of 5G networks in Austria. Leichtfried places a particular emphasis on energy and resource efficiency as well as fostering the growth of startups and innovative hi-tech companies through better policy frameworks and funding opportunities.