Mohua Mukherjee
Programme Ambassador, Solar Alliance

Mohua Mukherjee has worked as a senior development professional and team leader for over twenty-five years at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC, most recently on financial issues related to energy access, distribution utility reform, energy policy and renewable energy. Ms. Mukherjee has worked in diverse sectors in 43 countries for the World Bank. Apart from the Energy Sector and the Renewable Sector she has led World Bank projects in urban water supply, agricultural value chains, public sector debt management and macroeconomics, microfinance, microenterprise development, telecom sector, toll roads and other public-private participation and health and education. She has also worked as an investment banker and head of Corporate Finance in Citibank Nairobi, Kenya for close to five years. She has an MA and MBA from Boston University, and an Executive Education in Public Private Partnerships from Harvard University. Her publications include numerous professional articles on distribution reforms and other topics, various chapter contributions, and her book titled "Lessons from 20 Years of Private Participation in the Indian Power Sector" (2014).

In March 2017, after thirty-one years of service, Ms. Mukherjee left the World Bank and moved to Bangalore, India, to focus on writing, speaking at conferences, and to undertake special consultancy assignments. Mohua is now the Program Ambassador for International Solar Alliance (ISA) headquartered in India. ISA is an Association of 121 countries who are solar-rich and energy-deficient, located between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. She is currently working on an Off-Grid Solar Fund.