Fran Pavley
Former California State Senator

Former Senator Fran Pavley currently serves as the Legislative Outreach Coordinator for the Schwarzenegger Institute’s Digital Environmental Legislative Handbook, which was launched in 2017 and can be found at She is leading the promotion and expansion of the Handbook, which consists of a curated list of environmental laws, passed into law by state legislatures that both protect the environment and support economic growth. Each of the laws included in the handbook has its own Bill File page, which has all the essential materials and documents needed by a state legislator to pass the law in their state. The handbook was created as an online resource that will help state legislators throughout America learn from their colleagues in other states

Fran Pavley served three terms in the California State Assembly and she became known as one of the most effective legislators in Sacramento. Serving with integrity and vision, the former Mayor of Agoura Hills and longtime public school teacher, had over 70 of her bills and resolutions become law. During her tenure in the Assembly, Fran focused on education, the environment, consumer protection, public safety and creating a clean, secure energy future for California and the U.S. Her landmark legislation on global warming has become a model for other states and countries to follow. For example, 11 other states and Canada have modeled their laws after Fran's Clean Car Regulations, AB 1493, (also known as the Pavley Bill). As the author of the "Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006" (AB 32), there will now be a cap on greenhouse gas emissions emitted from California. This will help spur an increased investment in alternative fuels, renewable energy and clean technologies. Her leadership on the most important environmental issue facing our world in the 21st Century has been recognized by many entities, including being selected as one of Scientific American's Top Technology Leaders in Transportation, and receiving the 2006 California League of Conservation Voters "Global Warming Leadership Award" along with former Vice President Al Gore.