Tommy Schlereth
CEO & Architect, Soulmade Hotels

Born in Munich, Germany, in 1962, Thomas Schlereth’s background and professional career has consistently been characterised by the topics of the environment and the role played by people in the society of today, in addition to active mindfulness and sustainable building.

By the time he was studying for his degree in architecture in Innsbruck and Munich, Thomas Schlereth was already interested in his key field of timber construction, the streamlining of inefficient, overly long, high-emissions construction processes and the conceptualisation of buildings that offer sustainable value – buildings which create an impression and footprint among people and in terms of the environment.

After creating a production plant for modular timber construction in the mid-1990s, Thomas Schlereth began focusing increasingly on hotel design, which culminated in the development and completion of the first zero-energy hotel in Munich in the year 2009, for which he received accolades including the Energy Prize of Bavaria.

Following from this success, combining all of his previous experiences, he then developed a hotel concept whose major leitmotif is not “shareholder value” but “shared value”, and which combines the fields of modular timber construction, sustainability and people in the “here and now” in a way that has never been seen before – SOULMADE. With a process of maximum prefabrication, a short construction time is achieved which, due to highly efficient logistics processes, has an exceptionally low Carbon Footprint.

Awarded with numerous prizes and accolades from the national and international hotels sector, SOULMADE is seen to be a pioneer for a new generation of hotels with an environmentally-friendly, sustainable construction and the holistic appreciation of people’s needs. For Thomas Schlereth, that is both the confirmation and the best evidence that authentic, genuine sustainability remains both sought after and valued today.